Yehuu Inc. is an integrated travel company mainly focusing on Chinese community, with headquarter in New York. We have served over 300,000 customers since founded in 2002 and have gained much prestige. After years of development, we have built a strong team consisting of reliable drivers, professional guides, friendly representatives, and experienced management. Our goal is always to provide the best travel-related service to you. At present, the services we provide include:

Shopping Express

Yehuu has years of good relationship with Woodbury and Tanger Outlets, the two biggest outlets in America, and is recommended on their websites as the transportation for Chinese guests. Since first providing such service in 2007, Yehuu has become the most reliable and well-regulated shopping express provider in Chinese community and a synonym among Chinese customers for Woodbury and Tanger shopping express.

Buy & Sale

Up to our shopping bus line everyday to outlets factory store, we have all priority and advantage to buy outlets brand products. we provide shopping service for people who don’t have time to go to Outlets. we buy all stuffs and delivery to customers. and also we have large shopping customer group take our bus. We do some commissioned sales.

Diversified Tours

On one hand, given certain customer demand and local natural&cultural resources, Yehuu developed a series of very distinctive tours around New York metropolitan area, including shooting, sea fishing, farm picking, skiing, summer events and so on. On the other hand, Yehuu works with other tour operators to provide multi-day tours to most of the sought-after sightseeing destinations in America, for the likes of Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Las Vegas, and Niagara Falls. In addition, Yehuu is also a travel agent of multiple cruises and tours on other continents, like Europe and Asia. Through Yehuu, you could always find out the right tour.

Flights&Hotels Booking

Yehuu has lasting relationship with a number of airlines and hotels; we help customers book cheap accommodation. Our staff are very experienced and skilled at trip planning. We always think of our customers and put their interests first and therefore have won a good reputation and a large amount of loyal customers.

Group Travel

Yehuu owns a variety of business vans of brands like Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and Chevrolet. All of them are well-maintained and insured. You could choose freely based on your specific need. Our drivers are highly reliable, with excellent driving skills and solid driving records. Our guides are well-informed, with wide connections and impressive background in different fields. They value occupational ethics and behave properly. No matter for business visit or sightseeing tour, they could always become your right-hand assistant.

Other Travel-related Service

Besides the above services, we can also help you apply/renew visa, counsel you on study abroad (mainly elementary and secondary schools), manage your real-estates in America, and shop luxuries for you. Please feel free to contact our representatives for more details.